Why are skirts so hard to find?

Friday, February 28, 2020

Now here's a thing. In the UK we are fans of wearing skirts as an alternative to trousers; ladies on the continent however, opt for dresses. Why do we have different tastes? We don't know - but it does give us a challenge as we buy our collections from European fashion houses and skirts are so hard to find!

This summer though we have made a break through and found some lovely examples that we are sure you will want to add to your wardrobe.

Let's start with Toni, that fabulous trouser house from Germany, who have produced some great skirts for Spring and Summer 2020. Jean shaped, not too short and with a brilliant easy-stretch waist they are so comfortable and stylish to wear. You can choose from plain pale pastels or stunning tropical prints and they will go with so much in your wardrobe.

If straight skirts aren't your scene then take a look at the fabulously on-trend printed and pleated designs by ERFO. Mid-calf length their chiffon skirts are perfect to dress up with a silky top or blouse or you can go casual with a cotton sweater or t-shirt.

Some of us prefer a longer line and the new panelled jersey skirts from Eugen Klein and Rabe fit the bill. The fluid shape is so flattering as it skims the body and the neutral colours will fit in with every wardrobe.

We also have wonderful summer skirts by Robell; made from Bengaline they are non-crushable and hold their shape just like the maker's trousers. The skirts are available in classic navy, black, white and beige plus all their super summer fashion colours.
Eugen KleinRobell

So this year we can all make the most of the warmer weather (it will come eventually, we are sure!) with a variety of fabulous skirts to fit any occasion.

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