Clothing's three red lines

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

When it comes to clothes we know our customers have three red lines: style, quality and fit. We see our role as putting together a collection of clothes that embody all three, creating fashion statements that can be worn with confidence, anywhere and anytime.

Gerry WeberThe latest fashion house to reach our rails is Gerry Weber and it fits the bill perfectly. High quality, stylish and fashion conscious mix and match clothing which will inspire and delight.

Designed for the modern, mature woman who enjoys life in a fash­ion­­able and self-confident manner, Gerry Weber col­lec­­tions stand for feminine fashion made to the highest standards of quality and fit, with a strong focus on matched outfits and details to project a perfectly co­ordin­ated image.

For Spring and Summer we've selected a capsule collection incorporating the three strands of the Gerry Weber offer: Collection, Edition and Casual. 

Gerry WeberGerry Weber Collection works perfectly for women who want to look stylish and chic with a range of tasteful, formal fashion suitable for business and pleasure. Add in feminine touches, a comfortable fit and superb quality and the clothes will be in high demand for those days when you need to look your best.

Gerry Weber Casual is a col­lec­­tion of strong single items which lend them­selves perfectly to creating your own co­ordin­ated outfit based on clearly defined themes. Ex­­cep­­tion­al detailing, high-quality materials, beautiful colours and perfect fits are the hallmarks of this relaxed and confident look.

Gerry Weber Edition stands for a fresh and fash­ion­­able lifestyle. Bold items form a col­lec­­tion of excellent quality, clever details and modern, dynamic looks. The numerous possible com­bin­a­­tions allow today’s self-confident woman to express her per­­son­al­ity through her clothes.

Gerry WeberThe designers at Gerry Weber believe that high-quality material and perfect fits are what make a stylish article of clothing a favourite piece. With decades of experience, a nose for trends and a great passion for their products, they want to reach the fashion hearts of every woman.

No matter whether you're at work, at leisure or at a party: with Gerry Weber you will find an exclusive selection of tasteful business fashion in addition to feminine casual looks and formal pieces for a confident, stylish presence. You won't just like their clothes, you'll love them!


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