Colour is Key

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Well, Düsseldorf had been and gone for another year and we now know the design and colour trends for Spring and Summer 2018.

The annual International Fashion Week was revealing, as ever. All the major European fashion houses were showing their 2018 collections and the place was buzzing with buyers from around the world anxious to seek out exciting new wardrobe ideas for their customers.

Victoria Lane was no exception. A frantic four days saw Vicki rushing from one show to another with frequent stops at some of the better known houses to get a more in-depth view of their collections.

We are always excited about viewing the new collections but also apprehensive about what we will see there. Design is very important but the key for Victoria Lane Fashions is colour; Harrogate ladies love colour! And the 2018 palettes didn't disappoint.

There is lots more navy coming, a real favourite base colour but also prominent are two other blues: cobalt and cornflower. Then come the real show stoppers: campari red, coral crush, emerald and clear yellow. It's going to be a bright and cheerful summer for clothes next year with, we hope, the weather to match.

Design wise, nautical themes were again apparent throughout the collections but the main emphasis is on stripes. Stripes, stripes and more stripes but often mixed with floral prints which makes an unusual and exciting combination.

Neutrals still featured, mixed with white and the ever popular pastels of blue and pink were used to give a contrast to the hot base colours; there should be something for everyone next Spring and Summer.

So we've made our decisions and placed our orders for the Spring and Summer clothes to grace the rails next year but we still have a while to go before we see them. Until then we have the excitement of our Autumn and Winter fashions to explore.

We already have new stock on the rails from some of our favourite designers and there is still more to come. This Autumn we welcome new brands and collections from Eugen Klein, Basler and Hermann Lang to the shop and you can see previews from them and all our fashion houses on our collection pages here on the web site.

Colours are strong with navy taking centre stage but this time combined with magenta, denim blue, cerise pink and cobalt blue plus our much loved pastels, blue and pink.

And if you are planning a last minute holiday and still need a few summery separates to complete your wardrobe, why not pop into the shop today and check through the last of our sale items. Everything is now 70% off!

We're looking forward to seeing you very soon.

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