Despite the weather...

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

... the show went on.

Who would have imagined that our March fashion shows would be blighted by heavy snow? Not the 'Beast from the East' luckily but it's baby brother that appeared the following week, dumping a load of snow on North Yorkshire and especially the Harrogate area.

Victoria Lane FashionsOur first two shows, on Wednesday 7 March, weren't affected but the following morning we woke up to snow everywhere, bringing traffic chaos and warnings not to leave home unless absolutely necessary. Not surprisingly, most of our intended guests weren't able to get to the store.

Two plucky ladies did make it and not wanting to disappoint them, we went ahead with the show, albeit with just one model, as the other two hadn't got through either. As you can imagine, it was a very intimate atmosphere which got everyone involved and was hugely enjoyed all.

By lunchtime the town was beginning to return to normal and at 2pm we had a full complement of models and a few more guests than expected. Our audience was a mixture of morning and afternoon ticket holders who filled every available corner of the shop. Having been greeted with a glass of Prosecco or a soft drink, they were eagerly awaiting the start of the show.

Victoria Lane FashionsLinda, Jo and Colleen modelled 10 different outfits each, divided into various styles and colourways. The show opened with a maritime theme featuring navy with red and white, followed by the season's new blue, cornflower, again teamed with navy and white.

Stars and spots were evident in many designer collections, mixed with horizontal and vertical stripes which gives a chic look, especially when confining the outfit to just two colours, such as navy and white. Another highlight was denim blue which has been re-interpreted for 2018 using jersey fabrics, demonstrated with separates from Lucia, Rabe and Golléhaug and using highlights of pink and white prints.

By the way, Robell are offering a range of stretch waist skirts which give a beautiful and comfortable fit. These were well received by the audience and are worth looking at if you hate tight waistbands and unforgiving side seams.

Victoria Lane FashionsThe show finished with outfits by one of our newer collections - Select by Hermann Lang. Our models showed us jackets and cami tops, teamed with trousers and skirts from some of our other collections.

In all, despite the weather, our shows were very well supported. In fact, they were so popular we are holding two more in April which will feature high summer outfits. See our events page for details.

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