Jeans for every body

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Think jeans are just for youngsters? Wrong! There's a pair of jeans to suit everyone of all ages.

The days of rough denim in unflattering shapes are long gone but so are the one size fits all styles. Today you can buy jeans that are made to fit your own particular body shape, enhancing your silhouette and so comfortable that you can wear them all day.

At Victoria Lane we stock jeans from four different fashion houses, which means you are bound to find a style, size and colour to suit you. Don't worry if you don't know which to choose, we have years of experience in fitting trousers and will soon help you find your ideal pair of jeans. What we can guarantee is that the best fitting jeans will make you look and feel one size smaller than you are.

Brax JeansBrax Feel Good and Raphaela by Brax come from the same fashion house but are designed for different markets. Both use the highest quality Lycra combined with other fibres to create a cross stitch effect that offers amazing fabric recovery. This prevents the jeans from bagging and maintains their shape wear after wear.

Choose Brax Feel Good jeans for an extra slim fit: 'Spice' jeans come with 'push-up' shaping in four way stretch denim. 'Mary' jeans have a generous rise and are made from flexible stretch fabric which takes full advantage of the fantastic Brax fit and lasting quality. 'Mary' is available from both Brax and Raphaela by Brax.

Raphaela jeans are also available as 'Pamina' pull-ons for those who identify as an apple shape and 'Carola' and 'Carina' for the pear (curvy) shaped ladies.

Toni's JeansToni's best selling jeans are called 'My Best Friend' and that's just how their wearers think of them. Made from power stretch denim their high level of elasticity ensures that they recover their shape quickly, are extremely comfortable to wear and offer an exceptionally good fit. The 'invisible' waistband gives exceptional freedom of movement and adjusts to the wearer's waist size, giving a beautifully sophisticated finished look.

Robell jeans are made for women who are on the look out for trousers with a perfect fit and a fashionable design. They are made from a high quality stretch cotton which provides all day comfort and a flattering silhouette. There are several different styles available, all designed and made to ensure that the trousers fit perfectly, no matter your shape or size.

So don't think that you are the wrong size or shape for jeans. Come and see us and we'll be delighted to show you that today's jeans are for every body.

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