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Thursday, December 19, 2019

On one thing we can always depend - Rabe will be first in the door with the new season's fashions. This year is no different as we have already received two full Rabe collections for Spring 2020 and more are on their way.

Rabe collections Ascona arrived in November, a pretty collection in pearl, flamingo and pale pink teamed with statement pieces in black. There are tops in solid pinks and pearl colours, some embossed with jewels and sparkles, a bright and cheerful striped polo neck sweater, black gilet and a mixed black and pearl zipped jacket.

- Rabe Venice This month saw the arrival of Rabe's second range when the Venice collection reached our shop with a collection reminiscent of beach and sea, using the colours of cobalt, deep blue, green and lime. There are tops in stripes and prints in mixed colours, sparkle trimmed T-shirts and lurex knitwear and a stunning patterned zipped jacket in a mixture of blue, green and lime.

Rabe produce two ranges: Rabe 1920, a collection of classic and elegant knitwear and tops, the name reflecting the company's 100 years in fashion. Ascona and Venice are included in the 1920 range. We are also fans of the TR label (that's Thomas Rabe) which is more directional with a slightly more modern fit.


Rabe 1920 Thomas Rabe We always keep a good selection of both lines in the shop which this autumn has been very useful as Rabe has been our top seller, most items having sold out before we reached our sale. For those who had hoped to pick up a bargain end of season Rabe piece, be warned and be quick. There are virtually none left!

Don't worry though, Ascona and Venice are just a taste of what's to come in the Spring and Summer 2020 story. We will have regular drops of new Rabe collections throughout the coming months and we can assure you, the colours and styles will blow you away.

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