The best of both worlds

Friday, August 30, 2019

Finally a fashion brand which recognises that coats and jackets aren't purely a choice between style and substance. With Kirsten you get both!

Over the years design trends come in and out of fashion. While we all like to keep up with the trends it can be difficult to find a coat or jacket that is warm, comfortable and practical yet stylish and trendy at the same time. The good news is that Kirsten manage to combine it all without breaking the bank - and we now have their Autumn 2019 collection in the shop.Kirston 2019

Kirsten design their collections around 'zeitgeist' - the spirit of time - and this is what sets them apart from other brands. This popular German brand believes in designing and producing cutting edge outerwear fashions, crafted in the highest quality materials. Viewed by the fashion trade as modern, diverse and lively, with each and every collection as fresh as the new season, Kirsten coats, jackets and blazers are made using the finest wools, organic fabrics and leathers and the care that is used to make their clothes is second to none.

Yet the retail price of Kirsten outerwear is very affordable, especially when compared with their close rivals. Founded in 1992 the company has undergone a number of collaborations and buy-outs but throughout its chequered history it has remained true to its philosophy of exciting designs, quality products, ethical business practices, corporate responsibility, transparency and integrity.

Today Kirsten continues its journey at the forefront of the European fashion industry, producing an autumn and winter collection which is stylish, easy to wear and yet very practical. This year's base colour is shades and patterns of grey which blends with so many of the new season's colours, meaning that you can mix and match Kirsten outerwear with almost any of the brands you'll find at Victoria Lane Fashions this autumn.


So their fashions are versatile as well.With Kirsten you really do get the best of both worlds!

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