Wednesday, January 29, 2020

If, like us, you read the fashion pages of the national and international press then you will already know that the cardigan has made a comeback. Last Autumn fashion writers around the world were praising the resurgence of the cardigan in the wardrobes of the rich and famous.

CardiganWe were already there - on-trend as the saying goes! We had several cardigans in the shop last winter: Rabe and Golléhaug featured as did Faber with the fascinating coatigan, a blending of cardie and coat for a an extra warm, layered look.

This season's cardigans are still among the hottest items to complete a wardrobe, much like gilets were last year. We've ordered them from several of our top names and they come in some super colours.

Golléhaug have two on offer; one is bright yellow, part of their Spring 2020 blue and yellow story which combines beautifully with their pretty patterned tops. The other is a classic knit in heavyweight yarn; the cardigan is the most popular in our shop and is refreshed each year with different features. This season it uses moss stitch and rib for texture with press stud fastenings and fabric piping. It's offered in navy, flamingo pink and sea green.

Lucia have a very pretty blazer style cardigan in a heavyweight yarn, single breasted with reveres and available in sun yellow while Saint James use 100% wool for their easy to wear V-neck cardigan featuring two patch pockets and available in mid-blue.

If you're looking for the on-trend wardrobe item this season then don't forget the humble cardigan - which is definitely NOT humble this year!


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