Time to dress up

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Hands up! Who is spending most of their time lounging around? When was the last time you dressed up?

Under the circumstances it is quite understandable if you don't feel like dressing up; if you're not going out of your front door and you are not expecting any visitors, why waste time putting on your glad rags? But what is happening to your lovely summer holiday wardrobe? Is it still sitting in the cupboard waiting for its' first outing?

The thing about summer holiday wardrobes is that they are built for comfort. If you're travelling in 80 to 90 degree heat then the last thing you want is a skirt or trouser with a tight waistline. And you will have chosen your tops with comfort in mind too.

Well, we may not be heading off on holiday just yet but those clothes are ideal for our current living conditions, comfortable and stylish with the added bonus of lifting your spirits. If you look good you'll feel good too and right now that's what we all need.

Many of the basics will already be in your wardrobe but if you're missing any you can simply call us on 01423 790 267 and we'll help you find the missing pieces. We may not physically be in the shop but we know our customers and we know our stock. We can help!

So lets talk trousers. There's nothing more comfortable than pulling on a pair of Robell trousers with their shaped waistband and stretch material. Marie is the favourite for a slimmer fit, available in classic full length, 7/8ths or cut-off styles. Choose Lena 7/8ths for an alternative design. We stock all the classic colours plus fashion shades in lime, cerise, summer blue and turquoise.

Alternatively you may prefer to wear cotton so look for Pamina and Pamona jeans and crops from Raphaela by Brax with a knitted stretch waistband. These trousers do have some polyester and elastane for comfort and washability and they come in a variety of great colours including stone, camel, mid denim, pale blue and navy.

Victoria Lane

Or how about a skirt? Again Robell are everyone's favourite with their elasticated waist for super comfort whether you are feeling active or planning a lazy day. Smart, stylish and flattering and made from Bengaline for full stretch, look for the name Christy. Toni also make a wonderful casual jean style skirt with a knitted stretch waistband called My Darling, available in plain and a selection of print cottons.
Victoria Lane

All of these can be worn with lovely T-shirts and tops by Rabe and Golléhaug and for extra warmth on a cooler day our hero piece is the cotton cardigan by Golléhaug; so smart but comfortable as an extra layer.


So, just because we are in lockdown there's no excuse to wander around in last year's well worn clothes when you have a wardrobe full of pretty summer holiday clothes. It's time to get them out and give your spirits a lift.

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