Victoria Lane Launches New Website

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Clothes shopping on-line is fine, as long as you know the designer label well and are certain that their garments fit you well. Otherwise it can be a bit of a gamble.

As someone who is vertically challenged I find it really hard to buy trousers through the Internet; type in the words 'short length trousers' and you get anything ranging from 26-29 inches, usually the latter. Personally I need 27". Which means I really need to find a shop that carries the style of clothes I like and is close enough for me to visit. The trouble is, I live miles from the nearest independent clothes shops so have to do some research on-line before I go.

That's why I am delighted to have discovered Victoria Lane Fashions in Harrogate. They have recently launched their new website and it is so useful. Not only does ithave a comprehensive list of the designer collections they stock but it also has descriptions of the philosophies behind the clothes collections and some simply gorgeous photographs of their current stock. It makes me want to jump in the car and drive to Harrogate immediately to see the clothes in person.

I love the idea that they keep trousers from several different designers who all seem to cut them for different body shapes. Finally I might find a pair that fit me properly. I am passionate about knitwear (I knit quite a few sweaters myself) and the beautiful photographs on the site have got me itching to touch them and try them on. Even better is that the majority of their knitwear designs are made from man-made fibres which means I can actually wear them! And the majority of the stock is easy-care which means wash and wear. Great.

Once I got over the trousers and knitwear pages I took a long look at all the other clothes Victoria Lane Fashions specialise in: skirts, hard to find items in the UK right now; outerwear / rainwear, just because it's raining doesn't mean you have to wear a boring old mac; and event wear, smart casual outfits that will take you through the day and on to many an evening event. Perfect.

I've already paid one visit to Victoria Lane Fashions and I'm going back again very soon. How about you?

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