We love July!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Why? Because this is the month we head off to find new ideas for the clothes you'll be wearing next year.

Yes, it was time for our annual trip to Düsseldorf to visit the International Fashion Fair where the new German collections of ready to wear clothes for 2019 are showcased. (We've also been browsing the new Harrogate Fashion Week exhibition but more about that next month.)

This year we were on the hunt for both stand-by staples and exciting new ideas to turn the everyday into a 'wow' fashion outfit. We're delighted to say that we found both. Most of our favourite fashion houses were showing clothes although, sadly, the original Michelle was absent, the designer having retired and closed the business.

Don't panic though, we have found a super new collection of trousers from Toni which will more than match the Michelle range. These are available in our shop from August and there are more details in our blog 'Great looks for colder days'. 

Anyway, back to Germany. This year we went a few days earlier than usual and found it to be a much more pleasant experience. We stayed in a lovely hotel on Stedition Strasse, opposite the harbour and with less people around in the town and at the shows we were able to spend more time looking at the collections and deciding which fashions to bring to Harrogate for 2019.

(In fact we lingered in the showrooms as long as possible, making the most of the air conditioning, as it was very hot in Düsseldorf!)

Colours for 2019 range from exciting bright and vibrant shades to pastels, both of which will contrast and complement beautifully with the tropical and floral prints seen around the showrooms; there were also a lot of stripes and spots to be seen. We were especially thrilled with the new athleisure wear being shown and we are sure you will be too when it hits the rails next year. So, yet again a highly successful trip.

(Athleisure - that's not a spelling mistake, by the way. Read more about athleisure wear in our July newsletter.)

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