Whatever happened to the fashion world?

Thursday, August 27, 2020

In any other year our buying for next spring and summer would be over and done with by now. We would have picked the designs, colours and collections to bring into the shop after Christmas and be concentrating on introducing this year's autumn and winter fashions to you all.

Not this year.

The Coronavirus has turned our world upside down and we are all having to learn to dream new dreams, change our approach to everyday life and cope with a different kind of normal.

Travelling to Germany was not an option so the fashion houses have come up with new ways for them to show us their fashion collections for next spring and summer. For us, among other things, that has meant learning new technology.

Brax introduced us to Zoom meetings. Sven and Katrin called us from the show hall in Düsseldorf, where we would normally be and told us that the fair was unusually quiet, with only local visitors attending in person. International buyers were conspicuous by their absence and so the company trialled Zoom as a way to show off their new collections. We found this a useful experience, although not being able to see and touch the materials does make a huge difference. However, we are delighted to say that we were able to view and buy some fabulous collections for next year.

Brax on Zoom

Golléhaug, on the other hand, came up with a different way for us to see their new collections; their agent brought samples to the shop for us to see, which made the buying process more personal. Again, we found some super clothes to order which we know you will love.

Lebek chose a third route by using video to show off their clothes on live models. We all recognise that using models gives an entirely different appearance to the clothes (which is why our own fashion shows sell out so quickly). Knowing the brand so well we were able to concentrate on the styles and colour without worrying about fit and fabrics.

We have also received numerous catalogues on-line and through the post so all our spare time has been taken up looking through them and making buying decisions based on our knowledge of our customers and the brands.

We hope you think we have done a good job under such challenging circumstances and look forward to showing the new clothes to you next year.

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