All about outerwear:

Jackets and rainwear are essential parts of your wardrobe in the UK. Our unpredictable weather means you must have cover at all times in winter and even in summer it is useful to have a light jacket to hand. Outerwear comes in a wide variety of shapes, styles, colours and sizes, so whatever you are looking for you are sure to find just the right jacket or rainwear at Victoria Lane Fashions.

Brax 2019Designer jackets from Europe are always stylish but also practical and comfortable and the majority are washable too. Available in a range of materials, from fabric to yarn, natural to man-made, they not only fulfil the role of keeping you warm but importantly, help to complete your outfit. Whether you choose a coordinating or contrasting jacket, the final effect will give you the confidence to make an entrance wherever you go.

Outerwear from Victoria Lane Fashions is sourced from Germany and France and very often cannot befound elsewhere in the North East or indeed, the UK. Yet, despite the exclusivity, the price doesn't reflect this. All items are designed for a long life and offer excellent value for money.

Brands Available

Basler Just White Lebek SAINT JAMES

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