All about trousers:

Getting an accurate fit is never more important than when you are buying a new pair of trousers. Purchasing off rail in a busy store can result in the discovery that your new trousers are not quite as flattering as you first thought; saggy bottoms, tight thighs and waists up under the armpits or sliding down over the hips are just some of the disasters awaiting the uninformed shopper.

RobellVictoria Lane Fashions specialise in accurate trouser fitting. Each designer cuts their garments for a specific type and shape of lady and it is definitely not the case that one size fits all. Some will cater for smaller waists and slimmer buttocks, others cut to fit ladies who are petite in height but a little larger around the hips. No-one has the perfect body shape and it is a good idea to establish which designer trousers fit you and then browse their range of styles.

Quality designs and materials need not necessarily be expensive, either. Ranges start from around £50 and when you consider that all the trousers offered by Victoria Lane Fashions are practical, comfortable, easy care and keep their shape for years, they are also remarkably good value for money. Oh, and several designers offer a range of very attractive and superb fitting jeans. Something for everyone and everything.

Brands Available

BRAX Doris Streich Robell Toni

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