Rabe’s knitwear feels and looks luxurious and yet is totally wool free. Knitted to the highest quality with fabulous fit and styling, this knitwear will also feel wonderful to wear.

Knitwear Skirts

Rabe's innovative knitwear is crafted without the use of wool, setting it apart from other fashion houses. The unique blend of fibres creates knitwear that is not only free from pilling but is also kinder to the skin since it is typically hypoallergenic. Completely machine washable, each and every garment will maintain its shape and fit wash after wash, so that it will wear just as well at the end of the season as it did on the day it was first worn.

Rabe designs are perfect for today’s highly energetic and busy woman. Targeting young women who are looking for products of exceptional quality, it has become synonymous with comfort and durability.

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