Tuesday to Fridays

By appointment only!

If you're anything like us you're eager to see a collection of the new autumn 2020 fashions being modelled in the shop. We believe that this is the best way to bring the clothes to life and show you the different ways they can be put together to help you revitalise your wardrobe and we know you agree because in normal times the seats always book up very quickly.

So we've been thinking about how to do this and believe we have come up with a way it can be done while maintaining social distancing and safety for everyone.


During September we will organise small autumn previews for a maximum of four people, divided into two groups of two 'bubble' friends or relatives. The seating will be arranged to keep the two groups apart and the 'new normal' social distancing rules will apply at all times.

The shows, lasting for approximately 30 minutes and using our in-house model, will be held on demand from Tuesday to Friday. Obviously you will need to organise and book in advance and we will ask you to pay a small deposit of £5 per person which will be redeemable against any purchase made at the show.

If you and a friend or relative would like to book your personal viewing of the new autumn fashions please call the shop on 01423 709 267 to arrange a date and time. We look forward to seeing you at your show.

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