By appointment only!

Imagine receiving your own personal invitation to a select and intimate fashion show. A fashion show which is so exclusive that you would be one of just four people in the audience; a fashion show where you can choose who joins you in the room at the show and a fashion show where the clothes being modelled would be selected to reflect you and your fellow members of the audience.

We have always believed that the best way to bring our clothes to life and demonstrate the different ways they can be put together is by holding regular fashion shows. With Covid 19 restrictions still in place we have worked hard to find a safe way to achieve this and are happy that we have done so.

We are now delighted to invite you to join us at a select, intimate and safe fashion show on a day and at a time to suit us all.

For your part you will need to invite up to three other people to join you at the show; don't worry, we can separate the chairs to maintain social distancing if necessary. Then call the shop 01423 709 267 to arrange the day and time for your show. We will do the rest.

Each show will last for approximately 30 minutes and the shop will remain exclusively yours for up to one hour after the show to give you and your friends the opportunity for a relaxed look at the clothes and to try them on if you want to.

In return, we do ask you to pay a deposit of £10 per person for the show; however, this is redeemable against any purchase made at that show.

So which of your friends are you going to invite to join you for this very exclusive opportunity?

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