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It's been a strange month at Victoria Lane Fashions. Our premises are closed but our business definitely isn't. We are still in contact with our customers and able to source and supply the items you are looking for. It's a strange situation for a local specialist business to be in.

Like you we are eager for the shop to reopen as soon as possible so we can see you all in person again. In the meantime, however, we are still being asked for specific clothes and with the outfits we are showcasing on line, we are still open for business, just in a slightly different way!

Unfortunately, neither our website nor our business strategy are able to convert fully to on-line sales; we don't have an e-commerce website and our strength and unique selling point is knowing our customers and their wardrobes well enough to be able to make suggestions about which items of stock would suit them. Mass selling of clothes to unknown customers is not our style.

Although we haven't been able to welcome our customers to the shop there have been some visitors. Popsy, Daisy and Jen are taking their security duties very seriously and have been in to check alarms and locks; they are also happy to help out with general admin work when required.

At this stage we are still in limbo and can't make any firm commitments but rest assured we do have plans for shows, personal fittings and all manner of excitement once we can open our doors again. Let us hope we will be talking about them in our May edition of the newsletter.

In the meantime, please feel free to call us on the shop number if there is something you would like to discuss. Calls are being diverted to a mobile number to ensure a member of our team can still serve you, despite the lockdown.


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Time to dress up




Hands up! Who is spending most of their time lounging around? (Apart from me that is!) When was the last time you dressed up?

Under the circumstances it is quite understandable but what is happening to your lovely summer holiday wardrobe. Is it still hidden away in a cupboard?

Read our blog to find out why you should be delving into that cupboard and wearing those fabulous clothes you bought for your next holiday.





And how is your summer wardrobe?



By now you've hopefully sorted out your summer wardrobe and you're looking at the inevitable gaps, wondering what will fill them.

If you missed last month's newsletter or haven't yet got around to the task we set you to sort out your summer wardrobe, here's a link to the original article:

'Time for a clear out' March 2020 newsletter

Luckily this year's spring and summer collections are full of beautiful colours whether they be colour clashing, colour blocking or fabulous stripe and print combinations, so you'll be spoilt for choice. All of your favourite fashion brands have something special to offer this year and we are determined that you get to see them and if you want to, buy them now rather than wait until the shop opens again and risk missing out.

Let's start with some of the fantastic colour blocking items available this year: Faber has produced a striking collection combining hot pink and bright orange which will make you feel as though you are on holiday in a hot climate. Golléhaug has also chosen orange for a fabulous V-neck sweater while offering this year's version of its' ever popular cotton cardigan in navy, flamingo pink and sea green.


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Pink, navy and white feature in several of our collections: Lucia has a self patterned top and a cardigan in cerise pink; Habella is using navy and bright yellow as base colours while both Lebek and Green Goose are offering fabulous summer jackets in peony pink and white respectively.


  Victoria Lane Shop  

  Victoria Lane Shop  



Stripes and overlay prints are a very popular design this year, available from several of our fashion houses. Saint James has a super T-shirt featuring a stunning tropical print over stripes which will add a touch of holiday spirit to your wardrobe. Frank Walder have a fabulous collection combining black and white stripes overlaid with a floral coral red print, shown here in a jacket, top and dress.



  Image Image  


Habella's yellow and navy collection also contains a pretty top with navy and white stripes and a bold daisy yellow print overlay. And here's Frank Walder again, this time adding animal prints to the mix in black and white combined with tomato red in a collection of skirts, blouses, cardigans, sweater, T-shirts and jackets.


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Whatever the weather, the one thing we won't be short of in our wardrobes this year is colour!



Let's get social



April saw the start of our on-line sales using Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to showcase some of the amazing outfits we have on our rails this season and offer our customers the opportunity to buy them now rather than waiting until the shop reopens. We are also copying the photos, with a little more detail, to a special page on our website:

Summer 2020 page

Here are photos of the outfits we have offered for sale this month; please click the website link above to see full details and prices.


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  Image Image  

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