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This month has been exceptionally busy for us - but also hugely enjoyable. Here are a few of the things we have been up to.

We've obviously been putting our major efforts into welcoming all of our customers and ensuring that our shop is a safe environment for you to visit. It is so lovely to see so many of you and know that you are willing to put your trust in us to keep you safe.

In addition, the start of August is traditionally our summer stocktaking time which involves counting and accounting for every item of clothing in the shop and in our store rooms. A mixture of spring and summer clothes are on our sale rails while late arriving summer clothes and the new transition collections are on display around the shop; then we have some in the stock room ready to go into the shop and some waiting to be returned for one reason or another. We also have items which are sold awaiting alterations and/or collection which need to be kept to one side and some other unsold outfits put aside for customers to try on when next in store. As you can imagine pen, paper, a calculator and a clear head are vital tools for the job!

Just to add to the fun we've had new stock arriving every week which also needs counting, checking, hanging and finding space for on the rails. Because of the Covid19 regulations we are limited on the number of people we can have in the shop at any time so we have been doing all of this with a reduced number of staff, which has been an added challenge at times!

Finally, this month we have had the fun of viewing and buying stock for Spring and Summer 2021, a job which normally takes place in Germany in July. See our blog on the website for the low down on how that has changed this year. Read More.

So we've had long days, early nights and many hours on our feet this month but we are so pleased to be back in the shop and looking after our customers that there are no complaints from us!



What's new in store?



As we go to print seven fashion houses have sent us transition and early autumn collections, with plenty more to come over the next few weeks. Among them are three names new to our shop this season:

ROFA have sent in some fabulous clothes from their White Label collection, which combines simple elegance with casualness. We love this black and white tailored jacket.




Sani Blu have sent us a stunning collection from Thessaloniki featuring exotic and sophisticated prints including this gorgeous jacket.




Kris Fashion specialises in knitwear for the modern woman with an accent on originality and innovation. This warm neutral caramel sweater is a great example.




Four of your favourite fashion houses have also sent us new stock for the coming season.

Golléhaug are among the first in with a casual yet chic sweater.




Rabe have never let us down with early collections, this time with a jacket featuring a delicate floral overprint with stud detail.




ERFO have also arrived with this sporty blouse featuring ribbed cuffs, hem and neck in warming red.




Not to be outdone, Faber have also sent their new collection using cool blues and black with print combinations.




Of course, we still have a great selection of late summer clothes, our best sellers being T-shirts in a variety of colours and patterns and Robell cut offs in summer colours to brighten up your wardrobe.

And don't forget our sale which this year has some real bargains on outfits that arrived during lockdown and are waiting for their time to shine. Currently we are offering 50% off original marked price on all sale items.



Autumn highlights



If you're anything like us you're eager to see a collection of the new autumn 2020 fashions being modelled in the shop. We believe that this is the best way to bring the clothes to life and show you the different ways they can be put together to help you revitalise your wardrobe; we're missing the shows and we know you are too.

So we've been thinking about how to do this and believe we have come up with a way this can be done while maintaining social distancing and safety for everyone.


During September we plan to organise small autumn previews for a maximum of four people, divided into two groups of two 'bubble' friends or relatives. The seating will be arranged to keep the two groups apart and the 'new normal' social distancing rules will apply at all times.

The shows, lasting for approximately 30 minutes and using our in-house model, will be held on demand from Tuesday to Friday. Obviously you will need to organise and book in advance and we will ask you to pay a small deposit of £5 per person which will be redeemable against any purchase made at the show.

If you and a friend or relative would like to book your personal viewing of the new autumn fashions please call the shop on 01423 709 267 to arrange a date and time. We look forward to seeing you at your show.



Let's get social



Our monthly look back at our social media accounts takes us back to Twitter this time. Posting under the name @ByVictoriaLane we use the account to communicate with our customers and interact with local and other small businesses.

We usually post between the hours of 11am and 12noon using the hashtag #elevenseshour on three days per week. This allows us to network with a wide range of businesses in Harrogate and beyond, publicising our own news and highlighting work by other small firms who we think might be of interest to our customers and may themselves appreciate a little extra publicity.

This is what we have been talking about in August -



Tuesday 4 August:

New in the shop from Rabe. Summer print T-shirt with a clever mix of navy and green stripes and prints. Priced at just £59.


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Thursday 6 August:

This Frank Walder jacket and T-shirt were a great hit with our customers before lockdown. If you missed out before the shop closed make sure you get in now as the remainder of the stock is selling at half price: Jacket £82 and T-shirt £34.


  Victoria Lane Shop  


Friday 7 August:

The girls are feeling sad. They've just been told they cant go into the shop because there are already four people in there. Maybe they can sneak in after closing time (but have they remembered their face masks)?


  Victoria Lane Shop  


Wednesday 12 August:

Clothes to complement the weather, hot block colours and flamboyant prints - and all in our half price sale. Prints by Habella, trousers from Toni, skirt from Robell and T-shirts by Lucia


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Thursday 13 August:

In complete contrast to yesterday's hot colours here's a cool tunic top from Rabe. In sea greens, turquoise and blue with a hint of lime, this works perfectly with summer cut-offs or linen trousers.(Wish I was beside the sea right now!)


  Victoria Lane Shop  


Friday 14 August:

Welcome to the fabulous Santorini collection by Frank Walder which arrived in the shop just as lockdown started. Today it is in our half price sale: jacket reduced from £149 to £74 and T-shirt from £65 to £32


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Tuesday 18 August:

Thank you to all our followers, new and existing, for your support over the past few months. Here's a super offer for you: melon & sky blue capri jeans by Toni plus a summer aztec print blouse and a melon knit by Lucia. All half price in our sale!


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Thursday 20 August:

Introducing khaki, the new neutral. This fab jacket and T-shirt, new from Rabe, are great to wear now. The delicate floral overprint with stud detail works so well with khaki or stone trousers, especially the cotton Pamina by Brax.


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Friday 21 August:

Planning a quick break or a longer holiday? There's still time to top up your summer wardrobe with these fabulous new T-shirts from Rabe. Perfect whether you're going abroad, touring the UK or staying at home. On our rails now in a selection of sizes


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