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We're having so much fun in the shop at the moment as more and more of the exciting and beautiful spring fashions arrive in the shop. In fact, it's more like a game of 'Take Your Pick' with its' memorable catchphrase 'Open the Box'!

Every delivery brings more 'Oohs' and 'Aahs', 'This is fabulous' and 'I want that' as we discover the wonderful colours and details which will mark this spring. Navy is the essential base colour but it's teamed with an exciting variety of spring and summer colours. Stripes are still in fashion, this time with more detail and there are different trims, textures and understated sparkle on self colours. For the knitters amongst us, look out for moss stitch which is adding texture in several different knitwear collections.

Today we're concentrating on some of the earlier collections to arrive but don't worry if you can't see your favourite fashion house here, we've plenty more to come over the next few weeks.

Rabe is always among the first to arrive and we gave you a taster of the Spring 2020 collection in our last newsletter.



However, we've received some more collections or 'stories' as the fashion industry calls them, and now you have a wonderful world of colour to choose from: navy, silver grey, peach, cerise pink with red, flamingo pink and sea green in sweaters, tops and gilets. 



Ever popular Golléhaug has sent us fabulous printed jersey two pieces in tropical prints in cobalt, yellow, navy, turquoise, white and khaki.

These short sleeved tops with matching zipper jacket with a three quarter length sleeve are very reasonably priced at £135. 



Lucia's new collection has some very pretty tops in cerise pink, sky blue, cobalt blue, emerald green bright primrose, turquoise and white, ideal to match with a pair of cut-offs by Doris Streich, including this season's feature colours of summer navy, white, beige and citrus yellow.

Saint James is always a favourite in the shop; last season we sold out so quickly we had to cancel our Saint James fashion show! We've already had a big delivery of striped tops, many in their innovative Garde Cote fabric which offers skin protection twice that of cotton to protect against harmful solar rays. We also have long sleeved cotton T-shirts plus the well loved plain T-shirts, plus navy cardigans and navy and blue V neck sweaters in 100% pure new wool. (PS: we're already getting close to selling out on some items and it is always difficult to obtain new stock, so if you like Saint James tops now is the time to get into the shop!)


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And to complete your new spring wardrobe don't forget to take a look at the new range of Robell trousers. This season our trousers come in sky and pale blue, pale pink. white, navy, black, lime and opal blue so there's plenty of scope to create different outfits using just a few basic components. Marie, arguably the most popular Robell trouser, is a classic straight leg pull-on with flat elasticated waist and slide slit detailing on the hem; these come as full length and 7/8s.Bella is a similar shape but with rear patch pockets and a turn-up hem, available full length and as an ankle grazer, while Lena is another classic straight leg trouser in 7/8 length and a side slit on the hem.



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Long live the cardigan



If, like us, you read the fashion pages of the national and international press then you will already know that the cardigan has made a comeback. We were already there - on-trend as the saying goes! We had cardigans in the shop last winter from Rabe, Golléhaug and Faber.

So what's new for Spring 2020? Read about this season's cardigans in our monthly blog Read More



A quick trip to Barcelona



If you're looking for a short city break, Barcelona has to be high on the list of places to visit. It certainly proved popular with our 'Pack a Suitcase' audience earlier this month as we explored the city wearing a selection of clothes from the Victoria Lane Fashions rails.

We like to pack in as many attractions as possible at our destination and that requires packing as many clothes as we can into our aircraft friendly suitcase.After all, we don't want to wear the same things every day of our visit!

We travelled in the fabulous Sally travel trousers by Toni which also provided the base for our day time wear, teamed with tops and T-shirts in the stunning new spring shapes and colours. In general we kept things casual as we visited the Cathedral, markets and museums during the day but evenings in Barcelona call for something very different.

Spanish ladies like to dress smartly for dinner and so we created chic outfits that helped us to blend in with the locals when we visited some of the top restaurants in the city, choosing from Mediterranean, Seafood, International and Vegetarian menus.

It's amazing just how far you can travel and how much you can explore in less than an hour but we think we gave our guests a real flavour of this sophisticated city - and shared with them some clever wardrobe ideas which could take them anywhere.


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Let's get social



Each month more customers are finding us on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook social media accounts which is good to know; we'd hate to think we were talking to ourselves!

Each platform attracts different types of users and we try to adapt our content to match. Instagram, for example, is all about images - photographs, illustrations and videos; Twitter, on the other hand, is more orientated to conversations between users while Facebook is used very much by family and friends to keep in touch.

Here are a few of the posts we have made on our Twitter account this month:



Good morning. Just browsing our favourite fashion sites and came across these from the ERFO summer 2020 collection. So pretty and so typical of their style.





Here are some more pretty tops for Summer 2020, this time from Just White. Looks like it will be a colourful season.





(Sometimes we like to throw
in something different!)




Continuing our look at the SS2020 collections we say hello to Green Goose, our new outerwear brand. Trendy and individual, Green Goose jackets keep you warm on chilly nights and cool on warm days. Read more about our latest fashions in our Jan newsletter; sign up on our website.



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