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A month on and still no sign of when we might return to some sort of normal. We so miss seeing you all in the shop and from the number of messages we have received, you miss coming in to see us.

Even though the shop is closed we have been kept busy. Thank you so much to all our lovely customers who continue to call and buy from us; we really appreciate your support. Vicki has started making videos showing a mix of our new Spring stock and some real bargains from our sale rails which we are airing on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. They have been receiving a great deal of attention with one lady calling to order within minutes of a video being released.

January is also stock-taking month and that is a lengthy process with all of our stock, whether on rails, in the stock room, reserved for customers or waiting for alterations, needing to be counted. This is also the time we need to start thinking about autumn and winter stock; yet again we won't be able to travel to Germany to meet the sales teams and see the clothes in person and the fashion houses are now making plans to show us their new designs remotely, as they did last summer.

In the meantime, until we are able to welcome you back inside the shop we have ways of making sure you don't miss out. Keep watching our website and our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts for details of how you can buy the latest collections by your favourite fashion houses at Victoria Lane when Vicki will act as your personal shopper and find clothes that work for you and your wardrobe. If you live locally you can collect your purchases from the shop or Vicki can deliver; if you are further away she will post them out to you.

The main thing to remember is that the shop may be closed but Victoria Lane is still open for business!



What's new in the shop



In a word - cardigans! You are always asking for them but until recently cardigans have been out of fashion, which has made it very difficult to source them for you. But 2020 saw the return of the cardigan and now Golléhaug has come up trumps with a fabulous collection for 2021.

Their new spring / summer range has really lifted our spirits. There are glorious summer colours in plains and patterns with exotic story names to match. Welcome to Zanzibar, Bali and Tahiti. Just saying the names makes you think of long, hot summer days in warmer climes!

However, you don't need to wait until summer to wear a cardigan; in current times they are great for extra warmth, a pop of colour or to tie an outfit together while many of them also have pockets, something else you've been asking for.

This year's selection come with zips, stud fastenings, buttons and of course, edge to edge which is always popular. Come the summer we will be wearing them as a cover up or extra layer on cooler evenings when they act like a comfortable and easy jacket.

Let's have a look at what's to come:



Here we have a round neck button cardigan with a jacket look and navy piping at the neck, cuffs, hem and pockets. It's knitted in an abstract print of pink, mint and white.


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Zips have really updated the cardigan for us as they have a dual purpose: jacket come cardigan. This one, in navy and summer green, is in a geometric print with a graduated pattern and has a matching T-shirt.


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We call this the giraffe print but it could be pebbles; another zipper inspired jacket in a vibrant pink and orange mix. Look out for coordinating tops to come.


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The edge to edge design is timeless and great to just throw on over any outfit. This year we've bought it in navy and savannah (sand).


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Another zipped cardigan, this time in a neutral colour, knitted in a mixed yarn with glitter. Dress it up with a tiger print T-shirt in matching colours.


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And finally, let's not forget the Victoria Lane 'hero' cardigan, also from Golléhaug. Each season the clever design team adjust the garment to make it look fresh. We know many of you have two or three of this winning shape. Made in 100% cotton with material trim and stud fastening the collared high neck cardigan with the ever important pockets comes in the textured plain colours of navy, beige, white and turquoise.


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This season Golléhaug have also added an updated zippered cardigan in plain colours with surface interest in lemon, pale pink, pale blue. Perfect colours for the summer months.


  Victoria Lane Shop  


Oh and don't forget the classic V-neck buttoned cardigan, with or without a collar. We have them too!


  Victoria Lane Shop  





What do bread and fashion have in common?

This year, wherever you buy your clothes, you will find there are fewer collections on the rails, in a smaller number of sizes and they will be later in arriving. Just as there was less choice when buying bread during the first lockdown. In this month's blog we explain why this is happening and how the fashion industry is dealing with the consequences.

Read our blog here Read More



Independent shops leading the way



It's good to see the big boys of fashion sales finally catching up with the small independent boutiques such as Victoria Lane. For oh so long we have been extolling the benefits of effortless fashion, stylish but comfortable and perfect for multi tasking, especially in these lockdown days.

Suddenly the large fashion chains have spotted the trend and are advertising their collections with the effortless style tag. Look out for the print and TV adverts and remember where you saw it first!







We can't believe that it's been almost a year since we held our last fashions shows in the shop. Over that time we have managed to organise a few 'bubble shows', restricted to a maximum of eight people and also some 'social bubble' meetings.

However, it's becoming obvious that there will be no instant cancellation of Covid 19 restrictions and we will have to tread carefully when organising any new events.

So, when Government regulations permit we plan to hold a few 'social bubbles' in the shop where, alongside a glass of fizz or a cup of tea or coffee, we'll show you the latest collections straight from the rails; these will be similar to the events we held in November and December. Our guests will also have the added bonus of advice from Vicki and her team who, as personal shoppers, will be able to help with finding the perfect outfit for any occasion or just a few items to liven up last year's wardrobe.

Obviously we don't know when restrictions will be lifted but if you would like to join us for one of our 'social bubbles', call us in the shop on 01423 709 267 now and put your name on the waiting list. We'll call you as soon as we can confirm some dates.

As things improve we will hopefully be in a position to hold 'bubble' shows, using the same format as those in September and October. Our in-house model will join us to add the personal touch with up to eight people in bubbles of two or more and we'll obviously be using Covid secure procedures to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Again, call the shop on 01423 709 267 to reserve a place and we'll confirm the dates as soon as we know them.

In the meantime, when you are feeling the need to shop for clothes you can follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook where we are showing some fabulous sales bargains and a selection of the latest fashions to arrive in the shop. If you prefer the personal touch, call Vicki in the shop and she will talk you through the clothes rails and their contents or arrange Zoom or Facetime sessions so you can see the clothes for yourself.

Please remember, the shop may be closed but Victoria Lane is very much open for business!




Let's get social



It's Twitter's time to shine this month with some of our more popular tweets. If you're not following us there yet then search for: @ByVictoriaLane It's well worth a look.




6 January

Good morning. Thought you might like something new today so here's a collection by Rabe in colourful shades of coral teamed with black, grey and cream, that's just arrived in the shop. Includes sweaters, T-shirts and jackets. Call 01423 709 267 for details.


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7 January

A soft ribbed top from Rabe to brighten up a dull day. Pair it with this pretty floral jacket, also by Rabe. Jacket: £159, top £69




8 January

Here's a pretty new Spring sweater from the coral collection by Rabe. With accents of cream, grey and black it will look so smart teamed with the black and cream jacket to the left. Call 01423 709 267 for price.



  Victoria Lane Shop  


13 January

Coats and gilets in pretty winter pink by Lebek to keep us warm on cold days. Lightweight down filled coat with faux fur lined hood & quilted gilet. Call 01413 709267 for prices, sizes & to order.


  Victoria Lane Shop  


14 January

New for spring. The Gollehaug Zanzibar story has wonderful colours that make us dream of warmer days. This jacket and T-shirt will brighten up even the dullest day. Call Vicki on 01423 709 267 for details.


  Victoria Lane Shop  


15 January

We've been busy sending out our newsletter. If you haven't seen a copy yet click on this link: In the meantime here are the girls enjoying their day off.


  Victoria Lane Shop  


18 January

It's sale time at Victoria Lane

Watch Now on Twitter



20 January

More about the new Rabe coral collection with Vicki. Ready to wear now.

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22 January

New from Golléhaug this season - the Madeira story. This zip fronted jacket come cardigan in navy and summer green has a geometric print with a graduated pattern and a matching T-shirt



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