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It's amazing how quickly things change. Last month we had the excitement of introducing our new Spring and Summer 2020 collections and looking forward to more fashion shows over the coming months. We were welcoming our customers to the shop and enjoying our one-to-one styling sessions to create bespoke wardrobes for everyone.

Now we are in Coronavirus Lockdown, with the shop closed for the foreseeable future and Vicki working from home to keep the business running. We want you to know that we are definitely still open for business and we welcome calls and email enquiries regarding any clothing pieces you might want.



Vicki has taken on three new assistants to help her: meet Poppy, Daisy and Jen. All are rescue dogs who are eager to make a good impression in their new jobs and we wish them much success.




While the Lockdown remains in place we will continue to use social media to advertise our stock and help us satisfy demand for European designer fashions. See our next story for details of how we plan to do that.

In the meantime we want to thank our loyal and generous customers who, through our last fashion shows, helped us to raise £250 each for our favourite charities, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and Moor-View Rescue of Harrogate (the charity where Poppy and Jen came from earlier this year).

In the meantime, keep your spirits up; take regular exercise and if you're in need of a project why not sort out your summer wardrobe? We've got some ideas for that later on.



We're going 'on-line'



If you follow us on social media - Twitter, Instagram or Facebook - this week will see the start of our new 'on-line' sales strategy. Whilst we don't have an e-commerce site and so can't take orders over the internet, we can show you our new stock and take personal orders over the phone.

If you don't follow us on social media but do have access to a tablet or smartphone, from Thursday 2 April you will be able to see pictures and a description of the stock we are highlighting by going to We'll be updating the page regularly.

Our plan is to show a particular collection or parts of it, with a brief description and price, on our posts. If you are interested in something we are showing then you should call Vicki on 01423 709 267. She will check that the item is available in your size and arrange despatch with free postage and packing. We do offer a free returns service and full refund providing the item is returned within 14 days of posting out. As we are sure you know by now, we always have a good selection of sizes in the shop but there may only be one or two available in each size to maintain a certain amount of exclusivity.

Obviously we would much prefer to serve you in person but as this service isn't possible at the moment we think this is a suitable substitute which allows you to have a one-to-one styling consultation with Vicki over the phone and build your wardrobe with clothes by your favourite designers. We will be keen to know how this works for you so please let us know; we always welcome feedback.



Time for a clear out



With the current Government instructions to stay indoors how are you going to spend your time? Let's be honest. Having nothing much to do for 12 weeks may sound like fun now but the majority of us will soon be climbing the walls with boredom if we don't have a project to complete. So here's an idea for you:

Use the time to spring clean your summer wardrobe.

The lovely weather we've been experiencing has certainly turned our thoughts to what we'll be wearing in the coming months but can we honestly remember every single item that's stashed away in our drawers and wardrobes? Unpacking it all when we have the time to think about it properly means that we can give our clothes a thorough inspection and make considered choices.

Here are some suggestions of what to look for with each item:

  1. is it still on trend
  2. does it fit me and my current lifestyle
  3. have I worn it during the last two years
  4. is it in good condition or can it be repaired

Answer 'yes' - keep it. Answer 'no' and it may be time to honourably retire it to a charity shop or a clothing collection bin. If, however, it is a good quality classic then read on before making your decision.

Once you have cleared out the unwanted pieces try to sort your clothes into collections based on style, colour and textures, much like you see on the rails in our shop. This will quickly show where there are any gaps, especially if you have discarded some items of clothing. It's also a good time to look around for replacements; keep an eye on our social media for ideas and see the above story for how to buy them during our enforced shutdown.

Now move on to the condition of everything. Look out for loose buttons, sticking zips (rub with a lead pencil) and hems coming unstitched and use your sitting down time to good advantage. Don't forget to look at accessories too such as belts, handbags and shoes; following months of storage they will probably need some tender loving care to bring them back to their best. If you have a collection of silk scarves then now is the time to wash, iron and fold them carefully for storage.

Earlier we mentioned good quality classics, for example a navy blazer, trench coat, white shirt or Breton T-shirt. Don't be tempted to throw it away just because you don't want to wear it this year. Wash or clean it, make sure it is in good condition and then fold carefully with tissue paper or, if you have room, hang it on a padded coat hanger and store away in a safe place. It was a good investment when you bought it, it is still a good investment now and its' time will come again. Be patient!


Achieve all that and not only will you feel wonderful but you'll have a wonderful wardrobe to wear this summer. Good luck.



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Khaki - not just for the military



Our blog this month is dedicated to the colour khaki. Not traditionally one of the fashion industry's favourite colours, this year it has become one of the most seen basics on the catwalks.

It isn't always the easiest colour to wear but we have brought some super examples back to the shop and teamed them with a choice of vibrant, summery colours. Read our blog to see the ways we have made it work. READ MORE



What's new?



Those of you who joined us for our most recent fashion shows will have seen some of the fabulous new summer fashions which had just come into the shop. Here are a few photos of the clothes on show.

If you interested in any of these pieces please call Vicki on 01423 709 267 for prices and availability.

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Let's get social



One of our most popular posts this month was of a fabulous lace jacket by Just White which attracted a lot of love.




We also tweeted pictures of the finale of our February fashion shows. L-R Frank Walder patterned pink and navy jacket with Lucia jersey skirt. Habella black and cream jacket with Georgedé skirt and camisole. Frank Walder pink zip jacket over coordinated jersey skirt and top.





Habella gave our spirits a much needed lift as we began to realise the extent of the Coronavirus and how it was going to affect our lives. These yellow and navy outfits brightened up our window earlier this month.





One of our favourite items, as you may have noticed, are gilets. So useful to ring the changes with an outfit and give an extra layer of warmth when needed. Here are some pretty reversible prints and plains from Lebek and smart solid colours from Rabe.





We love Spring fashions. They always bring colour to last grey days of winter. Here's a pop of spring with citron, navy and white skirts and T-shirts by Toni, Robell and Rabe.




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