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Are we there yet? Could we really be seeing the end of lockdown and the start of a form of normality? Nothing will ever be quite the same again and some of the biggest names on the High Street may not be present in the new normal but there will always be a place for specialist independent businesses such as Victoria Lane Fashions.

When we ask our customers why they shop with us we are told, among other things, that they appreciate:

  • stylish European fashions
  • great selection of brands
  • extensive knowledge of fashion
  • truly personal service

Our personal service includes remembering what outfits you have bought recently and what new clothes would help to fill any gaps in your wardrobe. This can't be achieved when buying on-line and is something sadly lacking in the fast fashion world that has been in ascendance over the past few years.

We believe that the fashion world is in for major changes, at all levels of the industry. Will there still be major fashion shows around the world - unlikely as they cost a lot of money and the fashion houses don't have that kind of cash to spare now, following a two month shutdown. Will the fast fashion names still order in huge quantities from the Far East - maybe not as many have been left with piles of stock to sell and on-line sales have not increased enough to cover them.

What we do believe is that there will always be room for fashion brands that design and produce quality clothing to dress women who want outfits for all parts of their lives, from casual to smart, at a reasonable price. There may not be so many companies and collections to choose from but there will be exciting fashions to suit all and we will do our best to find them and bring them to Harrogate for you.



What's new?



If you have read this month's blog on our website you will know that we hope to open on Tuesday 16 June. You'll also know that we have been using the downtime to give Victoria Lane Fashions a makeover. (If not, you can read all about it here. Read More 

One other thing we have worked hard on is our stock. We are delighted to say that the majority of the clothes in the newly reopened store will be completely new to you. While the shop has been closed we have still taken delivery of new stories from our favourite fashion brands including some definite wardrobe 'must haves' and lots of exciting new colours and styles which are bound to catch your eye when we open.

As ever, Rabe leads the way in regularly giving us whole new collections. New designs, new colour combinations and new ways to wear them. This summer's collections include something you've been asking for - dresses in pretty patterns, alongside coordinating T-shirts and tops which will give your wardrobe a great update.

Let's start with the new Jamaica story which uses exotic palm prints in greens and blues to create pretty and practical dresses, T-shirts, tunics, polo shirts and the perfect summer twin set of cardigan and camisole.


  Victoria Lane Shop  

  Victoria Lane Shop  


The Hamptons story is a combination of pinks, blues and navy, used in stripes with overprints, to provide a nautical flavour for summer. There is a Breton navy stripe dress with a twist, shorter sleeves and a swing shape and a pretty navy and white floral print dress;


  Victoria Lane Shop  

  Victoria Lane Shop  


Just White have also released a fabulous new collection of two piece jackets and matching tops. Two stand-outs from the collection are this summer lace printed jacket with matching printed camisole in pinks, pale turquoise and white and the bright floral print with matching camisole trimmed with pink piping. These are bound to sell out quickly as this is a very popular brand.


  Victoria Lane Shop  


One more thing. If you follow us on social media and have been watching our Wednesday sales posts you will finally have the opportunity to see many of those outfits in real life. You'll find our May posts below or you can visit our special web page to see a few more details.

Summer 2020 web page

There are lots of other new collections in store so we promise you that there will be plenty for you to see when we finally open our doors once again.



Let's get social



In March we started using Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to showcase some of the amazing outfits we have on our rails this season and offer our customers the opportunity to buy them immediately, rather than waiting until the shop reopens. We've also copied the photos, with a little more detail, to a special page on our website:

Here are photos of some of the outfits we have offered for sale in May; please click the website link above to see full details and prices.


  Victoria Lane Shop  

  Victoria Lane Shop  



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Doggy Assistants




Everyone loves a good animal photo and we have had great fun showing off Vicki's three rescue dogs Poppy, Daisy and Jen on social media, with a positive response. To be honest, they attract almost as much attention as the clothes!

In May we used photos of them to mark VE Day where they patriotically wore Union Flag bibs and again for Spring Bank Holiday when they were hoping for sunshine. Don't they look gorgeous?


  Victoria Lane Shop  


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