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As usual it's been a busy month but finally we can pause for a moment and take stock of what we have achieved: all of our Spring stock has now arrived in the shop and is making its' way out to our rails; our sale is over and we have now ordered all of our Autumn and Winter stock. No wonder we are feeling a touch weary! 

(Oh, and we held a 'Trouser Fit' event last week too.)

We're also feeling excited about the months to come as now is the time to show you our wonderful new stock for spring and summer. Read on to discover which new collections are hitting the rails.






We travelled to Düsseldorf at the end of last month for the half yearly fashion shows; this time it was the turn of the Autumn and Winter 2019 collections. (The fashion trade works at least six months in advance)




Hoping to be inspired, we certainly were. Rabe and Golléhaug showed fabulous collections, Gerry Weber didn't disappoint and the trousers from Toni and Raphaela were excellent. However, finding a new designer and re-discovering a previous favourite one really made our week.




From next autumn we will be featuring outerwear in pretty and feminine colours from Kirsten, a collection we haven't shown before. We can promise you it is worth waiting for. We also found a revitalised Basler, which has been absent from our rails recently, with a new take on the Black Watch tartan, pairing bottle green with lilac and lavender. You're going to love that too - we certainly do.

Read more about our travels here



What's new?



If you haven't visited us for a few weeks then you won't recognise the shop. It's filled with brand new clothes from our favourite designers in a fabulous range of colours for spring and summer.



Our rails are full of wonderful outfits from Golléhaug, Rabe, Lebek, ERFO, Faber and Gerry Weber; we've pretty tops by Robell and St James, super comfortable trousers by Toni and Relaxed by Toni, Raphaela by Brax, Robell and Brax and gorgeous event wear from Georgedé and Select by Hermann Lange.

Now is a great time to come and see for yourself.



A fruitful morning



You've probably heard us say that there is a trouser to fit everyone; it's just a matter of discovering which designer makes trousers to fit your particular body shape. Last week we held a trouser fit event in the shop and demonstrated how it works.

The secret to finding the right trouser is to decide on your own body shape: take a look in themirror and be honest. Are you an apple, a pear or a banana? Yes, we're being serious here; every lady will fit into one of these three basic shapes for trousers.

Once you know which shape you are then finding the right pair of trousers becomes easy. Every brand cuts their trousers to a particular trade mark style and one of those will provide the best fit for your body. Whatever combination you are: high or low waist, skinny or full hips, slim or fuller thighs, just ask us and we will help you find that perfect fit.

On show day we chose three lovely models, Jo, Linda and Elise and asked them to show our audience which of our collections works for their body shape.



Here is Jo (our banana) wearing white Pamina trousers from Raphaela by Brax teamed with a white Lebek jacket and striped jumper by Golléhaug.



Next comes Elise ( our pear) models Bella from Robell with stud detail at the hem, teamed with a Brax jacket and sweater by Gerry Weber.



And finally Linda (our apple) is seen here sporting Steffi trousers from Toni combined with a Rabe jumper and reversible jacket by Lebek.




There was some surprise among our audience that just because Brax trousers work for you, Raphaela by Brax may not. It's the same with Toni and Relaxed by Toni as every trouser is cut for a very specific fit to suit different markets. Robell are different again but between our various collections we can usually find the perfect fit for everyone.

All in all it was a fruitful day for our customers with many finally understanding why we point them in the direction of a particular brand and collection when they are looking for trousers. If you would find this useful why not pop into the shop and ask to talk fruit!



Over the coming months...



...we'll be staging other events in the shop.

March and April see the return of our popular fashion shows with the emphasis on what's new this spring and summer. We always spread them over two months as we're conscious that we will never be able to choose a date that works for everyone. However, the April shows are far from a repeat of the earlier ones; our stock is always changing and we want to show you the clothes we currently have available on our rails.

In May we will be staging a Georgedé week, showcasing their beautiful high summer collection. Georgedé is the collection to go to if you are looking for special event wear, planning a cruise or searching for some exciting new clothes for your holiday. This year there are gorgeous new prints which coordinate beautifully with the designer's statement pieces.

As a little thank you to our customers who join us during this special week we will be offering a 20% discount on all printed garments from this summer's fabulous Georgedé collection on our rails.



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