Coatigan? What's a coatigan?

Friday, October 30, 2020

If you're a dedicated follower of fashion you may have noticed a new word floating around this autumn -coatigan. It's actually been with us for a couple of years but this season has been adopted by many of the best known fashion brands and is making a name as a fashion essential.

White Label

Part cardigan, part coat, coatigans are designed to keep you warm whether you are inside or outdoors, acting as a visible part of your outfit, not covering it up. The heavy knit finish gives unbeatable warmth on a cold day yet is more comfortable to wear than a heavy winter coat.

Practical even during a cool spell in mid summer, at this time of year you'll start wondering how you ever lived without one. Pop it on when the temperature drops indoors, snuggle up in one in front of the fire on a really cold day or simply wear it to walk your children to school or take your dog for a walk.

Just remember, a coatigan is knitted just like a cardigan and won't protect you from a heavy downpour, so make sure you have an umbrella or shower proof jacket on hand if it looks like rain.

Coatigans are stylish and designed to flatter the figure meaning you'll find them so comfortable you won't want to take them off. They come in a good mix of colours, both plain and patterned, in different lengths and at a range of prices which means you can choose one (or more) to complement your wardrobe.

Wear a coatigan with an elegant midi length skirt, warm tights and boots or smart trousers when you want to dress up; on more casual days you can pair one with jeans or cords and a pretty top and still look stylish if an unexpected visitor arrives.

We have coatigans from several brands in the shop and they have already proved popular. If you're already a fan of gilets to add a certain something to your outfit then we know you will fall in love with the coatigan; it's just like a thicker gilet but with sleeves!

Habella Faber


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