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Monday, March 29, 2021

Without a doubt the best selling summer trousers in our shop are pull-ons and the majority of our customers will be buying at least one new pair this year.

Pull-ons are great for dressing, wearing and looking good and they are oh so comfortable to wear whether you're having an active day out or a quiet time at home. The elastine used in the material provides two way stretch which hugs the body to provide a perfect silhouette with a feel good factor. Fully machine washable they revert to shape and dry quickly, which makes them perfect for travel too.

The four most popular styles of summer pull-on trousers at Victoria Lane are by Raphaela by Brax and Robell and are available in a wide range of shades to contrast with this season's patterned T-shirts and tops.

Raphaela by Brax trousersRaphaela by Brax trousers are stylish, sporty and sophisticated. We stock Pamina which are soft with an easy stretch jersey knit waistband, mock zip, four real pockets plus a ticket pocket. The two way stretch is perfect for ladies with a slim thigh who prefer a high rise style (11") and a wider width 14" ankle. This summer we have them in 7/8 (27") and crop lengths (20").

Raphaela by Brax trousersFor ladies who prefer a wider cut hip and thigh, Raphaela by Brax Carina trousers have a comfortable slip-on waistband. Extremely soft, super-stretchy, chic and comfortable they are also perfect for travelling.

These pull-on trousers are made of super-stretchy denim and cotton with a jersey waistband and have a mock zip front, four pockets and a practical coin pocket. Again they have a high rise waist (11") with a 14" ankle and are also available in 7/8 and crop lengths.

 Robell trousers

Robell trousersRobell Marie trousers are designed for women of all ages and all sizes. Their ultra-comfortable trousers fit incredibly well and are perfect for everyday wear, no matter what that day may bring. Made for real women, not mannequins, Robell recommend that you move down by one size for the perfect fit.

Marie are pull-on super stretch Bengalin trousers with a shaped elasticated waistband and a side slit at the hem. The faux fly front gives a super smooth fit and a flattering silhouette for ladies with a wider waist, narrower hips, neater bottom and slim thighs. The low rise waist of approx 10" is combined with an ankle width of 14" and this year we are stocking them in the ever popular full and crop lengths.

RobellIf you are looking for a slimmer leg trouser and a back yoke gives a better fit for you then take a look at Robell Bella trousers.

This pull-on design has a slightly narrower ankle but the same low rise waist and faux fly front as Marie.

Again we have a good selection of full and crop lengths trousers in a full range of sizes and a rainbow selection of summer colours.


Raphaela by Brax and Robell - making trousers for women who want comfort and style.

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