The year that changed our wardrobes

Monday, January 04, 2021

For most of us 2020 will live on in our memories as the year that changed the way we lived our lives: lockdown, bubbles (both support and social), tiers - and probably some tears as well. What we might not have expected is the extent to which it has also changed our wardrobes!

As the year comes to an end and we look around the shop we can see that our fashion needs have taken us away from tailored jackets and skirts towards smart casual, practical and perhaps most importantly, comfortable garments. Not quite the way we had originally thought 2020 would pan out.

Take coats and jackets for instance. While we all love a smart, trendy coat to finish off even the most casual outfit, this year we have been buying practical, waterproof, padded or wool fabrics with zips, fasteners and hoods for warmth and protection from the rain. There has also been a demand for pockets, both inside and out, so we can leave our handbags at home when we go for our daily walk.

Victoria Lane

Trousers are king! They're always popular but this year they've been the must-have purchase. And again, our tastes have changed: we've gone for comfort with pull-on styles and elasticated waists made from jersey or techno fabrics for extra stretch. At home we are wearing trousers with wider legs which are comfortable to sit in; when we venture outdoors our tastes turn to slim leg trousers which we can tuck into boots. Style wise we have gone overboard for checks and patterns, cords and velvets while jeans remain ever popular, especially in stretch denim fabric.

Victoria Lane

For added warmth, inside or out, we have adopted the fashionable coatigan as our hero. Chunky, loose and cosy they led the way in knitwear, ably assisted by cardigans and sweaters to satisfy our desire for comfort.

Victoria Lane

So the verdict on fashion for 2020? The winners were undoubtedly practicality and comfort.

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