Wrap up warm for winter

Friday, November 27, 2020

It seems we're all looking for something new and exciting to cheer up the grey days and drab weather and this year's hot favourites are coats.

Now we're not talking classic coats or smart jackets. No, the demand is for fur (faux, of course), both fuzzy and silky. Guaranteed to keep you warm and put a smile on your face.

Fuzzy fur coats are, not surprisingly, known as Teddy Bears as the finished texture closely resembles our much loved toy. Silky faux fur coats are similar but with a flat finish to resemble real fur while using totally man made fibres.

Both versions are warm, cuddly and enveloping, oversized to wrap around the body and keep you cosy on even the coldest day. But they are also a statement piece so can be worn as both smart casual and on more formal occasions.

At Victoria Lane you will find both faux fur and teddy bear coats on our rails. One of our latest collections, from B&L, is selling out fast, despite the current lockdown. In fact, of the four styles we brought in to stock, only two are still available.

faux fur coats

The teddy bear style comes in several plain colours including cognac, black and beige which will work with any wardrobe; our faux fur coat is reversible between leopard skin print and faux leather but also comes in a longer length in plain navy or black.

One of the most asked questions regarding faux fur is 'how I do I keep it clean and looking good?' That's easy! Wash using the delicate cycle on your machine and allow to dry naturally on a coat hanger. Do not, under any circumstances use fabric conditioner or place in a tumble drier. Once dry the coats just need a good shake and gentle brush out to remove any matting that may have occurred in the washer while still wet.

There you go. A beautiful fur coat you can wash and wear again and again.

faux fur coats

Ready to cuddle up in a fur coat this winter? Give us a call on 01423 709 267 today or pop in to see us in the shop from Wednesday 2 December.

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