All about knitwear:

Turning a skirt or pair of trousers into a stylish and attractive outfit can be as simple as adding a piece of fashion knitwear. But nothing too ordinary please. Look for knitwear with a twist, something a little out of the ordinary. Attractive designs bring so much more to the outfit and help to draw all the elements together. And when you browse knitwear at Victoria Lane Fashions, designed and created by some of the best fashion houses in Europe, you will find yourself spoilt for choice.

Kris 2021Fashion knitwear has changed. No longer exclusively produced in pure wool, today's fashions are created in a variety of man-made fibres. Not that you would realise that when you look and feel them. They are soft, springy, comfortable and beautiful to wear. But the materials of our time are also washable, low pilling, kind to the skin and even suitable for vegans.

Knitwear doesn't need to be plain and ordinary either, even for a lazy day at home; adding a little twist can make the outfit more attractive and exciting. European fashion houses excel in creating eye catching and exclusive designer knitwear in a rainbow of colours to co-ordinate with their current collection but which also complement clothing from other ranges. It's time to forget jumpers and cardigans and think fashion knitwear with a twist.


Brands Available

Eugen-klein Faber FRANK WALDER Golléhaug Kris Rabe SAINT-JAMES

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