All about separates:

The secret of separates is that they are just that - separate: trousers, skirts, knitwear and tops, in many colours, patterns, materials and designs and often from different fashion designers too. Separately they stand alone as a statement fashion piece; together they can create any number of co-ordinated outfits.

Just White 2021

Careful planning while purchasing separates gives you a wardrobe with an infinite number of different outfits. Team one jacket with a pair of trousers and a pretty top and you have the clothes to take you through a laid back, smart casual day. Team that same jacket with a patterned skirt and plain top and your day can be much more formal.

One big advantage of planning your wardrobe around separates is packing. If you're off on your travels, you certainly won't need to buy a large suitcase; just choose a few basic garments, add a small selection of shirts, knitwear and tops and you can change your look to suit every occasion.

Separates - a variety of individual garments that together give the perfect co-ordinated look.

Brands Available

FRANK WALDER Georgedé Habella Just White Kris SAINT JAMES Sani Blu

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