Colourful fashion, amusing prints, artful patterns but overall feminine, Doris Streich creates ladies' fashion for women in normal and plus sizes. Their collection of cut-offs are made in a rainbow of colours to complement a wide variety of tops.


Fashion is continuously changing and always exciting, but women are too. Today's woman is fashion conscious and young at heart. This is exactly how she wants to be seen - and knows exactly what she wants in the way of modernity, style, quality and comfort of wear. Her clothing is naturally an important part of her self confidence. These are the women Doris Streich dresses, with passion and enthusiasm.

Every pair of cut-offs from Doris Streich are an expression of fashion consciousness and self esteem. Their fit and shape give confidence to women who are looking for something a little different from an ordinary pair of trousers. They are perfect for women who have personality, energy and who live their own lives.

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