Unbridled creativity and innovation fuse to ensure timeless and exquisite fashion. The philosophy of using only the finest materials, most flattering designs and interesting patterns has created Georgedé's signature look, this season including dresses and two pieces.


The French Fashion House of Georgedé Couture is a family run business, Georgette, one of the founders, being the driving force designer behind the signature style of the brand. Her influence and style can still be seen in all the collections but she is now assisted by a strong and innovative team of designers and cutters who are interpreting and reinventing her signature look to keep it current and on-trend.

Georgedé offer their customers a unique opportunity to order and wear one-off items, without paying couture prices. Choose a jacket and skirt style from their current collection and select one of the current fabric designs from their catalogue. The garment will then be made and shipped as an exclusive item.

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Build your own collection.

Choose a total look from one designer or pick and mix from several to make your wardrobe unique.

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