Green Goose

Perfect for both warm days and chilly nights, Green Goose jackets and coats create heat balance whatever the climate. Their innovative technology has produced a polyester microfibre flock-filling that controls the temperature and keeps you cool on a warm day and warm on a chilly night.


Green Goose jackets are functional yet trendy and work perfectly whatever your lifestyle demands. Using flake instead of down, the filling consists of a mix of shorter and longer filaments which in contrast to conventional padding creates an additional air cushion. The result: A perfect heat balance for an ideal body climate – breathable and odour- resistant.

Smart, colourful and cleverly designed to flatter the contours of the body, the jackets are machine washable and quick drying. They can be worn as a city coat when out on business or as a comfortable jacket when walking in the country. True multi-functional outerwear.

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