Toni and Relaxed by Toni

Toni and Relaxed by Toni trousers are made for women who have outgrown younger fashion yet still wish to dress in style. At the same time they are designed to fit perfectly and comfortably, regardless of figure and size.


Toni trousers owe their perfect fit to two simple fit systems catering for different figures. The "Superslim" range is geared towards women with extremely slim legs, with comfortable width at the waist, the hallmark of trousers in this range. In contrast, the cut is narrow at the rear and on the thighs. The second fit system, the "Comfort Fit", caters to normal to large thighs and a shapely rear. The waist is normal but the thigh width of these trousers by Toni is somewhat more generous.

Not only do trousers by Toni and Relaxed by Toni fit beautifully but they look beautiful too. They are designed with style, complementing separates from even the most contemporary of designers to ensure the wearer will always feel well dressed.

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